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Re: Linux brings hope to Spain's poorest region

__/ [ Lobo ] on Saturday 11 March 2006 22:37 \__

> http://insight.zdnet.co.uk/software/linuxunix/0,39020472,39197928,00.htm
> "The biggest implementation of open source technology in the region to
> date has been in the education sector, with around 70,000 desktop PCs
> and 400 servers in schools across the region now running Extremadura's
> unique version of Linux called LinEx, which was created by a Spanish
> company and is based on Debian."
> It will be the poor/havenot countries in the world which will bring
> Linux to the forefront in computing. These children have no previous
> exposure to computers so they do not have the Microsoft mindset.
> I also think that these kids will have a far more richer experience in
> computing using Linux due to it's inherent "hands on" nature. Many of
> the children in first world countries have been "dumbed down" with
> Windows.
> I can envision many of these kids becoming the programmers of the
> future.

I can see the same thing happening in the east. There are lots of talented
programmers  that  simply  want to give back to the community  which  they
cherish and constantly benefit from.

In  turn,  you begin to see more and more complete project (and of  course
code  to  be  re-used) coming from non-first world countries.  This  could
prove  a  serious peril to Microsoft in the future, which is why  they  so
forcibly  undermine  and fight initiatives like the 100 dollar laptop  and
offer  low-cost  Windows to countries where the Windows tax drives  people
away  to GNU/Linux. Then you have the resistance to ODF, among other tools
for openness and inter-operability.

If  you look a decade into the past, Linux lacked programmers  (workforce)
to  provide  a  comprehensive workframe for the users. Nowadays,  we  have
Firefox,  Thunderbird  (with extensions), OpenOffice, Mono and  so  forth.
There  is funding too. The tools used are quite standardised and are nowa-
days  fully-supported  by IT staff. You have the GNOME and KDE camp,  too.
Suddenly,  Windows  cannot boast having powerful tools that exist  nowhere
else. Redmond can attempt to stop it, but it is already too late.

Name  one project/application that puts Windows user in a position of  ad-
vantage?  Some would say "Office" or "Photoshop", but all these ever offer
is unneeded cruft.

Best wishes,


Roy Schestowitz
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