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Re: Brazil to get stripped-down XP

On Sunday 12 March 2006 03:34 Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ Lobo ] on Saturday 11 March 2006 22:45 \__
>> http://news.zdnet.co.uk/software/windows/0,39020396,39194696,00.htm
>> "Microsoft declined to offer details on the Brazilian version or when
>> it will launch, though it is expected to be similar to other versions
>> of Starter Edition. In its current form, Starter Edition is not sold
>> on store shelves, but only as part of low-cost PCs. There are other
>> restrictions on the software itself, such as the ability to open only
>> a maximum of three programs at a time."
>> Talk about "dumbing down" a generation of people...
>> This offer is an insult to the Brazilians.
> Hi Lobo,
> I  once raised that argument, especially when I found out about the  limit
> imposed  on  active programs. It is not the *absence* of a feature, but  a
> punishment, which is a step too far.
> Microsoft  help  discriminate against countries that are less  wealthy.  I
> think  it is a shame and a disgrace for a company that is perceived as  an
> authority  (let alone a "monopoly") and thus has a a certain responsibili-
> ty. What's next? MacDonald's in Brazil selling chicken skins? Imagine that
> outrage.  Mind you, software is duplicable, so it wouldn't have been  hard
> to  provide something decent without a practicality penalty. I would  urge
> anyone  in Brazil use Vista as an excuse to switch over friends and  rela-
> tives. Those who resist to change will need what you call an "excuse". On-
> ly  later will they understand (for themselves) that GNU/Linux is a better
> platform.a

I'm sorry Roy, but I really must take issue with you on this posting.
I have already had a similar discussion with baa-lamb on this sort of thing
(actually, with respect to Vista), and he has assured me that the
"technique" has nothing at all to do with profits or with MS trying to
maximise its income.  Rather, it is done out of Microsoft's concern for its
customers, and their the well-being of those customers.
It would appear (the gospel according to billwg) that increasing the
facilities/options within a "distro" is A Bad Thing, in that it merely
sereves to confuse those customers who are not expert with the said
Clearly, in the case of Brazil, MS considers its customers to be pretty
thick indeed, and permits them to run only 3 apps at any one time.

I can only hope that MS comes to the conclusion that we in the E.U. are even
thicker, and that "our" version of Vista should run a maximum one (but
ideally less!) application at a time....

Hope this helps:-)

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