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Re: How to delete programs

__/ [ Daniel ] on Sunday 12 March 2006 09:29 \__

> MandrakeLinux on dual boot with Win98.
> I've just installed a Genealogy program, but it hasn't been set-up in
> the location that I want, i.e. I downloaded the rpm file into my TEMP
> folder and then wanted to install it in .genealogy mount, but it
> installed itself into a location of its own choice (I hate this with a
> passion) in a .gramps mount. (Are these called mounts?)
> I thought I'd delete it, and was given the opportunity to un-install the
> rpm file, which is not what I want to do, I just want to get rid of the
> .gramps mount and all its contents.
> Doesn't Linux have a program un-install function, a la Windows? Or, if I
> want to get rid of a program, do I just move it, lock, stock and barrel,
> to the Waste basket?

Hi Daniel,

You  are probably dealing with Mandrake's package management directly. All
should be contained in and managed by a GUI. As a side note, I am somewhat
surprised  that you chose to go with Mandrake and not the more modern (and
superior) Mandriva.

Package  management in Linux is as good as that which you find in Windows,
if  not even better. I personally prefer Synaptic for Debian-based distri-
butions  like  Ubuntu (apt-get install <package> is not much  harder)  and
YaST in KDE.

I  suggest you install all RPM's under the Control Center of Mandrake  and
use the "Software" module of Control Center to uninstall existing programs
(see  example  in [1]). Forget about the command line. It is obsolete  and
unnecessary for new Linux users.

[1] http://www.schestowitz.com/temp/screenshots/uninstall-openoffice.jpg

Best wishes,


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