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Re: Open Source Maturity

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> http://insight.zdnet.co.uk/software/0,39020463,39257067,00.htm
> ,----[ Open source comes of age ]
> | A succession of high-profile patent cases do the open source movement no
> | harm at all by pushing the issue of software ownership into the mainstream
> `----

What are the dangers to ordinary users like me for using Linux?  I was
reading on a Web site for newbies like myself that says that the Linux
kernel is a UNIX-like operating system that was written from scratch by
Linus Torvalds.  The site says that it was an improved version of Minix
(which the site claims that Minix was a "free" version of UNIX for the
80x386 CPU).

So, I (and perhaps other Linux newbies like myself) am somewhat
concerned about the possible legal implications that may develop.

Is it likely or unlikely that "Linux" will ever be outlawed???

Is the Linux kernel merely UNIX-like, and not based on UNIX's
proprietary code-base???  If it is, then why do I read so much on the
Internet about lawsuits that threaten Linux?

Naturally, as a Linux newbie, I am concerned about these things because
I don't want to go back to MS-Windows.  I don't have a problem with the
MS-Windows operating system or its operation, my dislike is with the
paradigm under which MS-Windows and the software designed for MS-Windows
is sold.

It's not that I want free software (cost-wise), I like "freedom" software.

I'm merely hoping that someone can authoritatively answer the question
of whether Linux is or isn't merely a UNIX-like clone.

Dean Schaf

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