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Re: linux on mobile phones

__/ [ stewart_bristol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 10:55 \__

> There was an article on linux on mobile phones in last week's New
> Scientist.  In summary the article said that some people are trying to
> put linux on various mobile phones and that it would be really good to
> drive innovatrion and new applications on mobile phones.
> Does anyone know where I can find out more about this?  I have done
> alot of Unix C programming etc (though not for a while) - if I oculd
> get linux on a PDA/mobile, I would definitely start up again as there
> are some applications I would fancy writing.
> stew

Hi Stewart,

There  are more and more vendors that opt for Linux or embedded Linux  for
their  miniature  computing  products. Symbian is said to be  destined  to
reach  the point of extinction. Only Windows and Linux will remain in  the
area  (Palm OS recently shifted to Linux). If you want to read about  some
Linux  phones,  PDA and gadgets, you can have a quick glance at the  news.
It's  been  coming  non-stop for the past few months because  Open  Source
adoption rises exponentially, like a plague (put a positive connotation to
it). Also see:


This  site provides a good overview. There is now a Linux mobile phone/PDA
with  PIM,  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS (among more features) that  goes  for
just  US$350. If you want to contribute, you could either port one of  the
existing  Open Source applications from Freshmeat.net and  Sourceforge.net
(among others) or implement your own, which would be rewarding (financial-
ly too).

I  suggest  you have a look at http://www.maemo.org/ , as well as some  of
the  Palm  SDK's. They have recently shifted to Linux, so while you  could
program  for  Palm  OS and have it working under PACE, you could  also  be
among  the first few to port Linux application to 'Palm Linux', to work as
native GTK applications. Be among the first and reap the benefits.

Hope this helps,


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