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Re: Report Spam to Google, MSN, and Yahoo

__/ [ canadafred ] on Wednesday 15 March 2006 00:55 \__

> "Sam" <sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:4417455E.489E@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> let's see reporting spam to google.... is that anything like reporting
>> illegal spying and wiretaping to g.w. bush?
> These two things don't appear to be related at all. Can you please expand
> on this comparison?
>>maybe if we close our eyes and say to ourselves
>>"I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies
>> google will actually reas the spam reports and
>>do something.... wouldn't hold your breadth though...
> In spite of whether Google does anything or not about a particular spammer,
> is incidental. The fact is that if enough people start using the spamming
> reports more regularly, the search engines will be able to have a clearer
> understanding of our frustration with them. They allow us place to comment
> and we trust that many of them do get analyzed. Last week I was ranting and
> raving here in the Usenet group and it dawned on me, I should be wasting my
> energy on the spam reports themselves. I don't care if anyone ever reads
> them. I see a spammer in front of one of my web sites, it gets reported.
> Roy has put the spam report pages of the major search engines in one place.
> Most excellent. Now I go to one page and report the three all at once. I
> don't waste my time with showing my search criteria and the web page result
> it provided.
> My reports look something like this :
> Here's the spammer, here's the spam, I hate competing against this, please
> deal with this shit.

Fred, do you want me to include this as tiny text at the top frame as to
enable quicker cutting and pasting?

With kind regards,


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