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Re: Google labs open to ideas from outsiders?

__/ [ Marcos Martinez-Sancho ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 09:54 \__

> Hello,
> Believe or not, I've got an idea that might
> interest Google. Does anyone know if Google labs
> accepts suggestions and ideas from outsiders that,
> eventually, migth be adopted and developed by
> Google?
> Thanks.
> Marcos

Hi Marcos,

Judging by the message that was posted today in alt.internet.search-engines ,
you ought to save the time and not pursue this as a true possibility.

__/ [ jpflaum@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 00:21 \__

> [...]
> As I said earlier, I'm not search engine expert. I do, however have a
> close friend, an MS degreed EE, who recently came up with a nifty new
> idea that will definitely help Google and other search engines
> significantly improve the overall quality level of their keyword site
> listings. A few weeks ago my friend and I both contacted Google to see
> if they might be interested evaluating his idea, but, surprisingly, we
> were told the company no longer evaluates new product ideas that are
> developed by outside inventors like my friend. Not to be deterred, my
> friend has decided to beta test his new site ranking system on his own,
> which brings me to the main reason why we're posting this message to
> your group.
> [...]

Hope it helps,


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