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Re: IBM to Make Over 50 Billion Dollars Off Linux

__/ [ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 19:21 \__

> I looked briefly, didn't find it.  It's ok.  I vaguely recall 30,000
> engineers at Microsoft, but don't quote me.
> In a similar vein, I can't imagine the Chinese, Indians, Russians,
> Brazilians, Japanese, Koreans, etc etc switching over to a Linux
> desktop without making contributions.  There are a lot of good
> programmers in those countries, and when governments, banks etc start
> to use Linux in a large way, there will be institutional support, not
> just volunteers.  Of course, some of it will be primarily for the
> benefit of the Chinese, but my point is that the things that tab and
> DFS complain about are small potatoes compared to these resources.  I
> don't know specifically that any of this is happening, but it seems to
> me inevitable if it hasn't started already, given current trends.  As
> for IBM, I had the impression that they were deliberately avoiding the
> desktop, keeping to mainframes, but maybe they're moving in that
> direction, too.

Nothing has ever prevented Google and Microsoft from stretching their wings.
At extremity, both have moved to the sector of hardware, despite their
seminal existence as software vendors.

The transition described above would be less radical for IBM. If
financially-viable, it is due to happen. IBM is driven by its investors,
many of whom are prominent and greedy.

Best wishes,


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