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Re: IBM to Make Over 50 Billion Dollars Off Linux

__/ [ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 17:23 \__

> Fascinating article.  I'm amazed at the numbers (15,000 engineers
> working on Linux).  How many engineers does Gates employ?  And I did
> not know about IBM's Linux desktop project, I thought they only worked
> on Linux on mainframes.  They should read tab's and DFS's posts about
> Linux flaws.  It shouldn't be hard for 15,000 engineers to fix them.

...Intersting point you have raised. I believe that Gates employs at most
20,000 active engineers (off the top of my head, so be  skeptic). Quite
recently, Gates said that his biggest fear has never been Google. IBM, whose
employee count is much greater than his own, was his main concern. Here is
the article:


The URL has broken since its appearance unfortunately. The gist was my
description above. If you search the Web, you could probably find the full
story. I mention the latter point with full confidence, unlike the employee
figures, which a Web search could quickly reveal (if you were intersted,
that is).

Best wishes,


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