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Re: Dang. How long has McDar been under construction ?

__/ [ Borek ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 21:30 \__

> On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 21:24:18 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> That site gets a tonage of traffic[*] and was very slow (if not
>> unavailable)
>> at times. They must be upgrading the server or migrating. The site uses
>> IIS
>> which, let us face it, is known to be worse than Apache and LiteSpeed in
>> terms of capacity. *smile*
>> The last time a successful site I use went down, it come back bigger,
>> stronger and more furious (well, are we talking about sites still?).
> Somehow I doubt that's a case :(
> I always liked their PR and SERPs checker as it did what I wanted, but at
> the same time it was always buggy and not maintained. I have contacted
> them once about bug (it was finding first occurence of domain name, not
> necesarilly in link - so first page above mine displaying link to my page
> in snippet was reported as hit). "We know" was the answer. Probably
> removing the bug was 5 minutes work - but they never did it. Few months
> ago Google changed formats of replies - since then 'number of pages
> indexed' was not working. Sad.
> Best,
> Borek

I see that you embrace the more pessimistic assumption. Perhaps you could
turn things upside down and view the situation as follows:

Could MCDar be caught in a struggle? Could it have anything to do with
bandwidth costs and low income? I never realised this until I sat on a
foreign computer, but their site is flooded with ads (none is viewable to
me). This often says something. Given the sheer amount of traffic, I wonder
if they lost passion for maintaining the site. Who knows how fruitful the
ads are. We shall soon find out.

If their income from advertisement is on par with my 80-cents-a-day reward
from Google, they would be broke. This doesn't even cover my bandwidth
expenses, let alone hosting. What MCDar are doing is far more greedy than
page serving. And it keeps breaking due to dependencies on a third party,
leading to work in vain and constant maintenance.

Best wishes,


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