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Re: SEO programs

__/ [ Carol W ] on Wednesday 15 March 2006 00:27 \__

> On Sat, 11 Mar 2006 16:40:36 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>__/ [ Jez ] on Saturday 11 March 2006 16:24 \__
>>> <snip />
>>Yes, and we need some more girls around here. In contrary to common belief,
>>Jez is no girl. Stacey sticks around on occasions while Carol probably
>>drinks her coffee somewhere nicer.
> I am working on the "somewhere nicer" part ... but then I currently
> live in New Jersey. ;)
> Then there is Els, Adrienne, and Victoria and I want to say Paige but
> I don't think that is the right name although right initial. I can't
> recall the female counterpart of the one SE couple that used to post
> here a couple years back.

I have been subscribed to this nerwsgroup Since the beginning of 2005. I
don't know the group's history (I only hear stories,) but it is probably the
only group or mailing list I know where females hang around too. Trust me, I
am subscribed to _a lot_ of technical discussion groups, but girls are often
unintersted. Sterotypes, prejudice, macho-elitism cultures often drive them

>>While on that subject, I recently raised the issue of having just guys in
>>WordPress. It's amazing that among the hundreds of us, there are merely no
>>girls at all. There seems to be no solution, even though changes to this
>>status-quo have been sought.
> But the gals that are in this group make their presence known ;)
> Or are you just wanting to try to get a date with a female to talk
> SERPs with? You know what they say about that:
> [male SEO] and [female SEO] meta-keywording in a tree
> Key-word Den-si-ty
> First comes SERPs
> Then comes optimal anchor text
> Then comes [name of SEO person - gender of choice] breaking into the
> Top 10 (gauranteed!)!!!


>> Where the heck has Cat gone? She is missed as
> Cat just posted here a few days ago ddn't she? But it is getting
> springtime in the States and you know, for us gals, that means spring
> cleaning and didn't Cat mention having a large garden (or small farm)
> in the past?
> Us gals - always busy busy busy

It's in the lady's code (pun intended).

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