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Re: Vista Could Become Last O/S from Microsoft, Implies Gates

__/ [ The Ghost In The Machine ] on Wednesday 15 March 2006 02:00 \__

> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Phil Da Lick!
> <phil_the_lick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>  wrote
> on Tue, 14 Mar 2006 23:03:25 +0000
> <44174bad$0$6979$ed2619ec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> This is major news, I believe.
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | Gates says services are the future for computers -- and Microsoft
>>> | 
>>> | Company makes plans to move away from prepackaged software and into
>>> | web-based applications
>> Yep. Stands to reason. With the world starting to move away from
>> proprietry lockins they've gotta find some way to continue their
>> strongarming.
> It would take some doing, but they still could, if they
> sucker the right people.  There are some issues with
> what I call "WebWidgets" (I don't know what others call
> them but they're exemplified by things like FireFoxit and
> Yahoo!'s stuff; the general idea is to either leverage the
> Web browser's javascript capabilities, or to generate a
> small but fat client that can sit on the user's desktop,
> fetching and displaying data).
> An obvious extension to that is video media, with
> proprietary codecs.  Microsoft could leverage that
> proprietariness though they'd better be very careful,
> and the cat's already partially out of the bag (I have
> no problem watching DVD's, for example, and have even
> gotten CNN's free videos to sort of work; the problems
> stem apparently from their side more than mine).
> An alternative is to enter into talks with ISPs with
> the objective that an ISP, upon recognizing a special
> header only generatable by a Genuine Microsoft OS, puts
> the packets on a "fast track".  (No doubt the ISPs would
> just as soon drop them in the bit bucket, so Microsoft
> may have to pay some moolah to encourage this behavior.
> Since the special header would probably use a key hidden
> somewhere in the OS, chances are this will be very quickly
> hacked anyway.  There are also obvious antitrust issues.)
> And then there's Origami, which is a disappointment to
> say the least, and Vista, which will probably be another
> disappointment when it finally comes out.  (To its credit,
> the X360 appears to be quite successful, especially since
> Sony's PS/3 is having problems and might not come out until
> sometime near this Christmas.)

Vista will come out in November, by the way. Just seen the headline...

people's Christmas will not be ruined due to disappointment. Microsoft are
considerate in that repsect. They give people time to digest and absorb the
shock which is SP3 after 5 years of development. Christmas will be the time
for Vista viruses to start lynching (as in WMF last Christmas).

Best wishes,


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