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Re: jpg icons?

__/ [ Banned Apache ] on Wednesday 15 March 2006 00:26 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, the dirty old man and
> sturdy she-man who likes violent bull sessions with dachshunds, and
> whose partner is a shag-bag with a rotten clit slit, wrote in
> <dv76ei$af7$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> __/ [ Banned Apache ] on Tuesday 14 March 2006 18:16 \__
>>> anti_spam_email@xxxxxxxxxxx , the weedy old fart and constipated
>>> gender illusionist who likes lewd pile driving with marmosets, and
>>> whose partner is an alley-cat with a slushy vagina, wrote in
>>> <1142230359.230821.92850@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>>> I have a few jpg files for which the icons are different from other
>>>> jpg files.  They are much like the regular XP jpg icons, except
>>>> there is a small black square in the lower left corner, with
>>>> something that looks like a clock inside the square.  I cannot see
>>>> any thumbnail previews, unlike the other files, and the file
>>>> details do not display in the left-hand pane of the window when
>>>> viewing them in "My Computer" (the "details" tab just disappears
>>>> whenever I click on a picture).  I can, however, view the pictures
>>>> by double-clicking on them and they are fine (within the Picture
>>>> and Fax Viewer).  Does anyone know why?  And what is it?  Thank you!
>>> You're not talking about a shortcut to a jpg are you?
>> It sure sounds like it and it also would explain why thumbnails do
>> not get rendered. A .lnk file (or whatever it used to be) will be
>> treated accordingly and properties would correspond to that of a soft
>> link, too.
> Fuckoff

What's the matter with you? I was merely trying to help. I have been
assisting in Windows-oriented groups for many years(in the UK primarily), so
if you have a problem with that, fsck off yourself.

Best wishes,


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