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Re: My site has vanished from search engines

__/ [ Nirmal ] on Wednesday 15 March 2006 18:33 \__

> floresriki...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I started a new site last month (nothing offensive in any way,
>> shape or form FWIW).  It started showing up in various Google
>> searches every time I'd check.  I'd check occasionally to see how
>> high up on the lists it would appear after typing in several
>> variations which should bring it up.  Starting today, NO MATTER
>> what I type in at Google (and a couple others I've tried), nothing,
>> nada, zilch.  It's as if the site ceased to exist, which it most
>> certainly hasn't.  I don't know much about this, but my common
>> sense tells me it may be due to my host, which is a MAJOR
>> ISP in the South.  Any ideas?  I can't think of any logical explanation
>> for this, but as I said, I'm not real knowledgeable in this area.
>> Thanks.
>> --
>> F
> This will happen if you use excessive amount of Meta keywords (Meta
> spamming) or put direct href links to sites in Google black list... Or
> you use search engine submission tools (SEO) restricted by Google...
> If you want to improve the search engine ranking without getting
> blacklisted read http://www.google.com/technology/

Follow Nirmal's advice. Once done, file a request for reinclusion.
Instructions contained in the URL below:


Hope it helps,


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