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Re: System upgrades

__/ [ Sandman ] on Thursday 16 March 2006 07:04 \__

> In article <dv9ncf$2fh9$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>  Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > Indeed. I've done four Debian installs in two weeks now, and they've
>> > all went problem free. You downlaod the net install CD, pop it in, it
>> > asks for network information and what kind of system you want (these
>> > are servers, so nothing more than 'base system' for me) and five
>> > minutes later it has booted into a working OS, after which the only
>> > thing I had to apt-get was curl and screen (and a new kernel image).
>> > 
>> > Smooth and pain free. Of course, the Debian text-based installation
>> > procedure isn't very sexy. :)
>> While it works for you and me, it repels the user who is accustomed to
>> Control Panel -> Add/Remove software. Familiarity is often a crucial bit;
>> whether it is an optimal route or not is virtually irrelevant.
> Yeah, but I use apt-get (these servers doesn't have X11) but a desktop
> user would use one of the various GUI tools for apt, and have the same
> thing, pretty much - unles by familiarity you mean pixel-to-pixel :)

Yes, even confining the command-line to just a one-line text area would be
helpful. Writing a front-end to apt-get should not be hard (maybe a day's
work). It should have radio boxes for "install", "update" and the like, as
well as a placeholder for package name. Ideally, a list of application
should be fetched from a repository, which replaces the free-text box with
an actual list (or more ideally a tree).

I don't know if Synaptic is simply a front-end to apt-get. I never bothered
to check because, in practice, "it just works".

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