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Re: Stopping Spam at Google...

__/ [ Mel ] on Thursday 16 March 2006 15:35 \__

> Roy,
>  You don't need to check your backlinks at google to see if someone is
> returning your link to them, all you have to do is to check their site
> to do that. So there's no reason for search engines to show backlinks.
>  Yahoo may list more links then google does but the only links that
> matter and count as far as google ranking goes is the backlinks that
> google counts. If google doesn't show 400 links that yahoo does, those
> 400 links at yahoo will not help you at google. I agree though other
> search engines would have to do the same thing and not show backlinks
> and get rid of their toolbars. Let's face it Google started the whole
> thing with showing backlinks and pagerank. No other search engines ever
> did that before google.

Thank you, Google. At least when I read a page, I am able to know how
highly-cited it is, as flawed as the system for gauging this may be. As for
Alexa rank, if a site has a high status, it is imporbable that the site will
contain vile lies. Again, *imporbable* but still likely. Some surfers are
attracted to adverse-to-logic, deceitful and racist forums.

> Unless backlinks and pagerank stop being shown the spam problem will
> continue to grow a lot worse and that hurts both viewers and webmasters
> alike. The only other option is to change their algo so it's no longer
> based on link popularity and in that case nobody would care about
> pagerank or backlinks anymore. But what are you going to base it on?
> Content? And who gets to decide what content is good and what content
> isn't good? It's not going to work. Link popularity is probably the only
> way to get it right but only if it's 'real' link popularity and not
> manipulated link popularity. As long as they show backlinks and pagerank
> it will be easy for anyone to manipulate their algo and create their own
> high link popularity.

The world is not perfect. Find a way to live with what we have. Suggest a way
to improve things rather than break beneficial-yet-sometimes-misused

With kind regards,


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