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Re: System upgrades

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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [ cloakable ] on Friday 17 March 2006 12:08 \__
>>Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>Windows  goes by the assumption (as well as idealogy) that it should be  a
>>>stripped-down, lightweight O/S that updates its narrow trunk every now and
>>AHAHAHAHA! "lightweight Windows". You win the oxymoron of the year award!
> I know, I know (I also spotted my typo in "ideaology"). But allow me to say
> this: imagine a Windows that comes pre-loaded with an office suite, a proper
> browser, development tools, and more. The thing would have a super-bloated
> Registry to begin with. I imagine that Windows remains narrow due to its 
> greedy behaviour, which doesn't facilitate proper use of available capacity.
> Windows Vista, when upgraded, offers slightly more. It doesn't offer many
> applications, but it boasts that bloat, which is mainly visual. Think of it
> as Windows XP with some added software, provided that you pay for Ultimate
> Edition. Vista will fail to run on many of today's workstations.
> Best wishes,
> Roy
Vista will fail to run on my IBM ThinkPad 380XD. but then, so does XP,
and many Linux distros... but, Danm Small carries Linux to victory on
this bit 'o hardware :). Yay for 50Mb distrobutions that are free to
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