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Re: Does PR flow upwards?

__/ [ ray ] on Friday 17 March 2006 15:52 \__

> Does anyone know if inbound links to lower pages in a website - and the
> resulting PR - will automatically help out the PR of the site's home
> page.
> Hypothetical illustration (with apologies to non-American readers):
> suppose I run a site about baseball stadiums.  There's a homepage with
> general ballpark information, and then separates pages for each of the
> individual ballpark (i.e. a Wrigley Field page, a Fenway Park page, a
> Yankee Stadium page, etc.).  There would be a bunch of inbound links to
> the Wrigley field page from Chicago themed websites, inbound links to
> the Fenway page from Boston-based websites, and inbound links to the
> Yankee Stadium page from New York sites.
> So there are very few inbound links to the home page; while the
> sub-pages (i.e .the individual ballpark pages) would have many inbound
> links.  Will Google give some PR to the root-level home page, based on
> the lower level pages having decent PR?  Even though the home page has
> few or no inbound links of its own?
> Of course, each of the lower level pages will have a "Home" link
> pointing to the home page - I assume this would help send PR up to the
> home page.
> Thanks in advance for your thoughts and insights.

Google PageRank (as is the case with *any* equivalent rank) propagates from
one page to another, provided there is a link. Rank also 'move' (or "flow"
if you prefer) from one page in a given site to another page in that same
site. If your deep pages do not have a link to the front page or an index,
they *should*. It helps the user. It's important for navigation too.

Breadcrumb trails are most useful if the site is built hierarchically. That
is probably the reason why the front page tends to have higher or equal
PageRank to the remainder of the pages in any given site. It is also the
reason why going deeper leads to lower ranks, /usually/.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz 
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