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Re: Dual head Matrox issues

__/ [ TDM ] on Friday 17 March 2006 16:03 \__

> Hello all,
> I have a couple of odd issues with KDE 3.4 on Suse 9.3
> I have a dual head set up with 2 flat panels and a Matrox
> G200 dual head card. Both displays are set up at
> 1280x1024x24. All works well except for a couple of
> odd issues.
> I have the left display set up as the primary. When you
> hover the mouse over a panel icon, you get a real nice
> information tooltip display with rounded corners and
> information about the icon and a bigger pic of the icon.

That would be the preview (not the thumbnail preview). It is sometimes
rendered a little inconsistently, at least in older versions of KDE. It is
very valuable nevertheless.

CORRECTION to above: I was thinking about something else, namely the large
yellow balloon. Ignore my comment.

While I'm at it, in KDE 3.1 I noticed some troublesome (yet extremely rare)
bug where the tooltip balloons show up with the right coordinates _at the
wrong screen_. I suggest that you file a bug report if you still see this.
Also in KDE 3.1, having fancy cursors on screen 2 causes X to crash
immediately. I reported this as a bug years ago, so it has probably been

> However, on the right display panel, you dont get this.
> All you get is the old style tooltip that does not show
> the Icon, just what app the Icon runs. No rounded
> corners and it is also very small. This is the way it was
> in KDE 3.1 I believe.

In KDE 3.1, which I use at this very moment (3.4 remains at home), there were
no fancy balloons. There exist some standard balloons (yellow title with
application name or path) and there is icon zooming in the panel, which can
be dis/enabled in Control Center.

> The other odd, but perhaps normal issue is not being
> able to drag apps from one display to the other. Basically,
> you need to start the app in the display you want it in. The
> mouse will span both displays, but you can not drag the app
> from display to display. This may be the way I have X set up.
> I am using duplicate driver and card sections in my X config
> file. Perhaps I need to try one driver and display section,
> but with a resolution of 2560x2048 ??
> Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

How have you defined your monitors? Maybe they are badly configured. Have you
let SaX2 (in YaSY/Control Center) handle this? You can see my own X
configuration file, where the more crucial bits are at the end:


Also see the resource that Mr. Aho pointed you to. This can be rather

Hope it helps,


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