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Re: KUbuntu Issue

__/ [ Kelsey Bjarnason ] on Friday 17 March 2006 18:09 \__

> [snips]
> Follow-up...
> On Fri, 17 Mar 2006 17:20:47 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Do  some  profile.
> Okay, doesn't seem to be an issue with handling, say, gtk apps; I've got
> the same problem running kontact.  The problem is inconsistent, even with
> the same application running.  Open kmail, no problem.  Switch to knode
> (in the same app, just different tab), nothing.  Create a news account...
> slowdown.  Close that, re-open it, no problem.  Close it, go to pull a
> newsgroup list (but don't actually start the process - just the dialog
> that asks if you want to) boom, there it is again.  Close that, CPU
> consumption goes down.
> Note that  other apps in the system are. on average, using virtually no
> CPU, with peaks around 6% (ksysguard) and 3% (pan).
> However... hrmm... I may have just found the culprit.
> Normally, I run a two-monitor setup, and normally, both screens are filled
> to capacity - i.e. wallpapers don't show through.  Just noticed, though,
> my wallpaper "flipped" and kwin went nuts.
> Hmm.... disable timed flipping, manually set it to a picture ("all
> desktops" and "on each screen"), select an image, select "centered
> maxpect" and apply.
> Boom, up comes image.  Boom, up goes kwin usage to over 80%.  Yet it's
> down to almost nothing now, since the application.
> Even pushing it - launching multiple apps at the same time, both KDE and
> Gnome, it tops out about 4%.
> Voila.  Looks like we have our answer - it doesn't like flipping
> wallpapers, or, at least, not multiple ones at the same time.  Since I
> typically have this set to fire about once a minute, net result is I get
> to see kwin max out pretty much constantly.
> I will note, however, that this behaviour seems to be new as of Dapper; I
> didn't have it with Hoary, nor with Hoary + umpteen updates via Breezy.
> Could also be kde 3.5.1 vs 3.5.0, which was, previously, the latest
> version I'd been running, IIRC.

I recently read about odd bugs with 3.5 and its subsequent betas. Oddly
enough, some distributions actually *contain* the beta or allow upgrades to
betas. In the KDE newsgroup, one guy could not enable panel transparency.
The menu pane simply did not exist! Strange.

> In any case, it seems to be down and staying down.  And yes, I just
> confirmed, selecting a different wallpaper and applying it spikes kwin
> usage up over 80% again - but then it drops back down to nothing and, so
> far at least, seems to stay there.

I used to revolve (slideshow mode) wallpapers in 8 desktops every once in a
while (intervals varied). This led to significant slowdowns and unexpected
lags *exactly* when you do not want them (e.g. real-time 'stuff' like
videos). I finally settled on static wallpapers with different pictures in
each virtual desktop. This way, you do not get bored and you must never cope
with lag either.

If it makes you feel any better, other operating system do not even
facilitate the features which caused your problem (putting aside third-party

Best wishes,


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