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Re: Missing landing page?

__/ [ Hymer ] on Friday 17 March 2006 18:23 \__

>>>> Can anyone think of what might be the reason for Google not picking up
>>>> landing page C?
>>> At least 27,900 pages are found by Google within the web site. My guess
>>> is
>>> that Google fatigued after 27,899 and just didn't quite see enough reason
>>> to continue.
>>>> C <correction> www.usernomics.com/ergonomics.html </correction>
>> The site appears to consist of a great deal of "Ergonomics In The News".
>> Imported content. I am not sure if this would make search engines too
>> happy,
>> as a general rule. Many other popular sites do this, but the Web has
>> become
>> a network of data 'realtors', or so it often seems. Not only blogs should
>> be
>> blamed.
> Hi Roy,
> There are two blogs actually: Ergonomics In The News and Usability In The
> News. These blogs are a service to the professional community. They both
> aggregate selected articles on a daily basis with only the first couple of
> paragraphs shown. They are hand selected, contain a comment from us, and
> have links to the original source so people can read the whole article. The
> original authors are happy with this service.
> Both blogs link to primary landing pages in the main section of the site.
> This gives fresh content to the site as a whole from an SEO viewpoint. The
> SERPS for my primary landing pages went up as a result.
> Do you really see a problem with this?

Not quite. I trust your judgment and I believe you only provide an attributed
snippet with a link to the source:

<blockquote cite="URL" title="TITLE">text</blockquote>

I sometimes do so myself, e.g.:


Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz 
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