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Re: Missing landing page?

>>> Can anyone think of what might be the reason for Google not picking up
>>> landing page C?
>> At least 27,900 pages are found by Google within the web site. My guess 
>> is
>> that Google fatigued after 27,899 and just didn't quite see enough reason
>> to continue.
>>> C <correction> www.usernomics.com/ergonomics.html </correction>
> The site appears to consist of a great deal of "Ergonomics In The News".
> Imported content. I am not sure if this would make search engines too 
> happy,
> as a general rule. Many other popular sites do this, but the Web has 
> become
> a network of data 'realtors', or so it often seems. Not only blogs should 
> be
> blamed.

I think I found the problem but I am not sure. Some time ago I changed the 
names (URL's) of several pages including the ergonomics page. At one point I 
was working on my htaccess redirects and wanted quick access to that page. 
On my local drive I renamed the htaccess file with a period in front of it 
so it would be first in the list of files - .htaccess .Then, at some point, 
I uploaded the .htaccess file without loosing the period.

My thought is that Google might not have picked up on the redirect because 
of the htaccess file name. On the other hand, Yahoo and MSN seems to have 
picked up on that page without a problem. I think that the permanent 
redirect was picked up for most of the pages but for some reason, Google may 
not have caught it early enough so when I uploaded the bad name, it still 
had not gotten to that particular redirect.

Does that seem possible?


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