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Re: Linux PC for $159

__/ [ Leah.Schoon@xxxxxxxxx ] on Saturday 18 March 2006 04:04 \__

> I actually own this machine and am posting this message with it.  It
> was a step up from my 366mHZ PII that I run Linux on.  I absolutely
> agree with the author... boost the RAM to at least 512MB when you get
> it (The board is capable of supporting 2GB).  If you don't want to
> upgrade the RAM, I found Fluxbox running on top of Ubuntu seemed to
> squeeze enough performance out of it to make it suitable for email and
> web.  I don't use my home computer too much, so I didn't want a hotrod
> off the shelf.  However, I do want the ability to expand it in the
> future.  It now has a DVD+RW and the extra RAM.  No complaints so far.

I bought my last computer in September and it cost me about GBP 160. Without
expansions, it has just 256 MB of RAM, which seems to be more than enough
for SuSE 9.3 (the distrobution which it comes with).

I use that machine almost exclusively to import X over SSH, so I rarely run
anything heavy on it. I do, however, use it as a media player. I love
AmaroK. I love that computer. No hassles at all. Low price is not
/necessarily/ an adversity to quality.

Best wishes,


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