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Re: Image SEs

__/ [ ned ] on Saturday 18 March 2006 22:31 \__

> The 'text' SEs seem to trawl the web on a pretty frequent basis.
> The 'Image' SEs less so. I had the feeling that they did their thing
> roughly every six weeks last year.
> But is it my imagination that the Image SEs have been noticeable by
> their absence since the turn of the year?
> Any views?

Image crawlers take up /far/ more bandwidth, so their presence is often felt,
assuming you look at the bandwidth zeitgeist on a daily basis. Some days are
'quieter' than others, based on my rough judgement. When they 'hammer', they
*hammer*. This seems to happen once or twice a week, but the cycles should
depend on how prominent your site is.

As for image indices in Google (sorry to be vendor-specific), they get
updated twice or thrice per year. This is rather uniform among all Web
sites. The amount of graphics they have picked and indexed is roughly 100
times than the counterpart Yahoo (for my largest site). Thus, it would be
safe to assume that most bandwidth of this type is devoured by Google'e
Images Crawler. The other 'culprit' in bandwidth drain is Alexa (Time
Machine/Web Archive), which only visits a few times a year and can wreak
havoc if there is plenty to bite on.

Best wishes,


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