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Re: Image SEs

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [ ned ] on Saturday 18 March 2006 22:31 \__
>> The 'text' SEs seem to trawl the web on a pretty frequent basis.
>> The 'Image' SEs less so. I had the feeling that they did their
>> roughly every six weeks last year.
>> But is it my imagination that the Image SEs have been noticeable by
>> their absence since the turn of the year?
>> Any views?
> Image crawlers take up /far/ more bandwidth, so their presence is
> often felt, assuming you look at the bandwidth zeitgeist on a daily
> basis. Some days are 'quieter' than others, based on my rough
> judgement. When they 'hammer', they *hammer*. This seems to happen
> once or twice a week, but the cycles should depend on how prominent
> your site is.
> As for image indices in Google (sorry to be vendor-specific), they
> updated twice or thrice per year. This is rather uniform among all
> sites. The amount of graphics they have picked and indexed is
> 100 times than the counterpart Yahoo (for my largest site). Thus, it
> would be safe to assume that most bandwidth of this type is devoured
> by Google'e Images Crawler. The other 'culprit' in bandwidth drain
> Alexa (Time Machine/Web Archive), which only visits a few times a
> year and can wreak havoc if there is plenty to bite on.

That's interesting. Thanks. My site gets a lot ( well, its all
relative <g> ) of Image SE referrals and I was just curious why the
newer images from the turn of the year were not being picked up. I'll
be patient. Thanks again.


latest update 16.03.2006

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