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Re: Auto-hide Panels in KDE

__/ [ J.O. Aho ] on Sunday 19 March 2006 20:38 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Greetings, folks. I was wondering if there is a way of seeing a small
>> margin of the panels in KDE, which in GNOME are somewhat visible even when
>> they are automatically hidden. It is one of the few GNOME features that I
>> wish I could have in KDE.
> As far as configuration option in control-center there is no such thing,
> but in difference from Gnome2, you can decide the point where to point to
> make the panel to appear which don't limit you to have to go to the bottom
> of the screen but you can decide to have the left side as activator.
> If you want a border to be at the bottom of the screen, you could as well
> just modify your background image to have the border, or install
> SuperKaramba and use one of the optional panels (not sure if any has this
> feature or not).
>   //Aho

Thanks for that. All are good ideas, which I believe I might adopt. Drawing
on the wallpaper is something I did when I was 16 (Windows 95), but it's
very time-consuming.

The main issue crops up when others use this workstation. They fail to grasp
what goes on as I only have KPager and a Desktop without any items. A lot is
done using xbindkeys. It works for me, but I believe that this feature from
GNOME could (/should) be added to KDE and leave the panel in sight. There is
another nice (to some extent) feature in GNOME. Windows that are maximised
tend to stick to their full-sized mode, but only if you drag them far
enough, they will 'snap' and become movable.

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