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Re: Help on restore, my palm drowned........

__/ [ Jakob ] on Wednesday 22 March 2006 11:13 \__

> OK the catastrofe happended i dropped my loved m500 in a bucket of water
> and now iam desperate.
> I have all my codes for my life on a encryption program called strip on
> the palm, and the all the other data that i really need.
> So my question is now how can i restore all the data on to a newer
> version palm or do i have to find a m500 somewhere ?
> What is the first thing i need to copy to secure that i can play around
> with the restore and be sure that i have the data i need in a backup ?
> How do i restore my data on a new palm ??
> I SURE hope someone can help, its pathetic but now i know how dependent
> this litle gem has made me.

Hi Jakob,

No  need  to panic. First of all, as one of your data retainers  has  're-
tired'  (although  perhaps its memory could be 'salvaged'), I suggest  you
copy  all  your file data from the desktop/laptop onto a  second  computer
with  one form of storage or another (can be a CD, backup tape, whetever).
One  device  for  storage is never enough to defend  you  from  hard-drive
crashes and uncalled for physical errors like bad sectors.

You can restore all your data and access it from newer models of the Palm,
quite  seamlessly so. Palm handhelds are quite backward-compatible.  Think
of  this is a blessing. You will have a device upgrade without any loss of
data.  I  suggest you go to the shop to get a Palm handheld or get a  unit
second-hand.  To use some sarcasm, you old model just wanted to take a fi-
nal shower, so it left its data behind and took a suicidal dive.

What  operating system are you using? If Linux, then your data is in .kpi-
lot,  .gpilot on your home directory. I can't recall where data resides on
the Mac. In Windows, have a look under your Palm installation directory. I
am not sure about multi-user versions of Windows, but data usually resides
in c:\progra~1\palm .

To  restore data you will just need to synchronise your new handheld  with
the  same  profile  as before. If not, you may need to 'inject'  the  data
(.PDF file) onto your newly-created profile directory (return here for in-

Again,  panic  not!  Just make sure you duplicate your Palm  data  on  the
hard-drive. Mirroring lets you sleep better. *Smile*

Best wishes and good luck!


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