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Re: Speaking of Windoze Desktop Dominance in the Past Tense

__/ [ NoStop ] on Saturday 25 March 2006 15:15 \__

> When the corporate media, especially the business section, starts to make
> statements like this:
> "*When Microsoft ruled the desktop-software universe*, delays didn't
> matter. Microsoft marketers could announce a product years in advance and
> keep pushing off the release date -- creating what some critics called
> "vaporware" -- and partners would fall into line, pledging their support
> while the software took years to coalesce out of Redmond's fog."
> We know that people are finally starting to clue in.
> http://money.cnn.com/2006/03/24/technology/business2_msftreorg/?cnn=yes
> An interesting tidbit in the article was how Bill Gates, the "guru of our
> technological age" discovered the Internet. Unfortunately, Microsoft's
> contribution to the Net has been one of the carrier of all the spam and
> malware that circulates around it today.

80% of spam is being sent from compromised Windows boxes, according to a
recent study. The remaining 20% should probably be attributed to mail that
is delivered in(from)-house by prolific spammers, who most likely use
mass-mailers that run atop win32 only. I know of one such content spammer
(from the SE newsgroup) who uses Windows 95. DDOS attack are another
detriment, which should have Microsoft blamed for almost exclusively. I am
among the sufferers.

> Although the article doesn't mention GNU/Linux, those of us that use this
> superior operating system have been experiencing for years now a software
> distribution model that this article says MickeyMouse will try to embark
> on.
> Sorry Microsoft, too late. We've moved on a while ago. Just couldn't wait
> for your "innovation" any longer.

In your previous paragraph you talk about "distribution models". Don't forget
that Microsoft can only distribute for a cost. They are a business, which
will soon (or already) be unable to justify the costs. That, as a matter of
fact, is why Gates has issued memos time and time again, which state very
clearly that the future lies in services. That's where Google dominate
already (even Yahoo do quite well). Mozilla earned $72 million last year,
from third-party services (Google search bar) alone.

It is no surprise that Gates' top executives are defecting to Google. They
make a move before the ship sinks and their CV (resume) reflects negatively
on their career paths. They have seen it all from the inside (Redmond).

Best wishes,


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