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Re: Windows' days are numbered

__/ [ Ian Hilliard ] on Saturday 25 March 2006 16:04 \__

> On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 14:00:23 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I have read speculation from experts about Vista being the last from the
>> Windows family (implying that a code re-write might never serve a
>> purpose). I am also know aware of Singularity, which is compared tightly
>> with FreeBSD and Linux /already/ [1]. Can you please cite where Bill Gates
>> made the statement that you mention above?
> It appears that according to Bill Gates, services are the future.
> Ian

Ahhhh... he said that several times already. The first time was around
November if I recall correctly. It's a subtle implication, but not an
explicit and clear statement that Vista is *the* dead end.

A few days ago, I gave live.com a shot. It is a 'Live software' search
service, which Microsoft said was "twice as good as Google". I got a real
kick out of this thing. It was so bad (for a whole variety of reasons which
would set the topic adrift) that I would encourage any Linux user to take it
for a spin. I discussed this in depth in the Webmaster newsgroup and the
search engines newsgroup. Every professional in the field concurs with this

Best wishes,


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