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Re: Site not viewable in China

__/ [ Jannie B ] on Monday 27 March 2006 14:55 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:e08mju$2gp$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [ Jannie B ] on Monday 27 March 2006 13:34 \__
>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:e08jtn$1ti$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> __/ [ Jannie B ] on Monday 27 March 2006 12:49 \__
>>>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>> news:e08cgj$316m$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>> __/ [ Jannie B ] on Monday 27 March 2006 10:36 \__
>>>>>>> I have done a web site for a client who has clients worldwide, but
>>>>>>> apparently his colleagues in China are unable to look at the site
>>>>>>> because
>>>>>>> it has been barred.
>>>>>>> I don't know if is barred as part of a general policy of some sort,
>>>>>>> or
>>>>>>> whether there is something about the site which is causing it to be
>>>>>>> barred.
>>>>>>> Anyone else know anything about this?
>>>>>>> Site url is www.xenexassociates.com
>>>>>>> Thanks
>>>>>>> Jan
>>>>>> <snip reason="irrelevance" />
>>> Thanks.  Makes more sense now - sorry for garbled words of last message -
>>> hit "Send" too soon :)
>>> I think I will see if we can work out what it is they are objecting to
>>> and
>>> see if we can either remove it from the main site or create a sanitised
>>> version under a different domain.
>>> Jan
>> See if any sites on this shared server (same IP address?) wave a red
>> flag:
>> Hope it helps,
>> Roy
> Hi Roy,
> Red flag would probably be OK :)

The pun was not intended. *smile*

> I hadn't come across the Netcraft toolbar before - what a brilliant tool!

I have used it since it was first recommended to me. It is brilliant. It
gives very gross insight into site traffic, we well security/trust (or
conversely risk) aspects, which is helpful to Windows users in particular. I
could go on, but it takes us off topic.

> One question - what exactly does the list of sites on the link you gave me
> represent? Presumably these are all sharing the same hosting servers (and
> therefore sharing an IP address?),  but this is not all sites hosted here,
> so is it a list of those deemed to be risky? Or those indexed by Netcraft
> in some way?  Or am I missing something obvious here?

Some of the sites might be associated with or managed in other countries. It
is not uncommon for people to have sites hosted elsewhere. Mine, for
instance, is hosted by an Irish company. The list I was citing should
indicate which Web sites are managed by your host or reside on the very same
physical server. Some site exclusion rules (over in China) could be based on
IP addresses rather than domain names. Otherwise, you see, I could access a
page in my site using e.g.: . I am merely guessing
here, but the only way to have a definite answer is to ask the Chinese ISP's
or the maintainers of the great Chinese (fire)wall.

> I guess it's possible that if any site on a shared server is blacklisted,
> then the whole IP is deemed to be a bad neighbourhood.   Which is another
> nail in the coffin of shared hosting.

Yes. When choosing a host, you will always be advised to stay away from pr0n,
gambling, pills and the like, hypothetically speaking. Linking to such
sites, receiving links from such sites or even possessing similar addresses
is cause for trouble. Search engines are believed to take this into account
as well. It's more of a guesstimate/rumour at this stage.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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