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Re: Denmark joins France in Apple/DRM-Bashing

__/ [ Tim Smith ] on Tuesday 28 March 2006 08:04 \__

> In article <e0ajj2$1vpm$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>  Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Take Palm for example. While it is said to be possible to export the data,
>> it requires Palm Desktop. I don't have a Windows box or a Mac box around,
>> so
> I don't use Palm Desktop for my Treo 650.  I use The Missing Sync from
> Mark/Space, because it integrates better with non-Palm software.
>> what gives? My data is locked unless I get some opaque binaries that run
>> on pricey operating systems. Else, my data locks me to the vendor. I would
>> love to dance over to other platforms painlessly, along with my data.
> There's Linux Palm software.  What doesn't it do that you need?

Integration with KDE (SuSE 9.3 in this case) is not complete. The conduits
are fine and I synchronise/back up data more quickly and reliably than I
ever did with Windows. However, I lack the ability to alter data in KPlilot
or even the KOrganiser/Kontact/KMail/other 'umbrella' (now bundled). I
haven't tried to mend it though. I still have Palm data->HTML convertors,
but they are Win32 executable, which I can only run under Wine. It's not
ideal if I ever want to 'toy' with my data. See, for example:


Best wishes,


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