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__/ [ John Bokma ] on Thursday 25 May 2006 04:38 \__

> "Charles" <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Can someone enlighten me as to the role of the Google API in SEO
>> Automatic Querying?
>> 1) I was using IBP software (www.axandra.com) but they query without
>> using the API, which I am told is a no-no.

Definitely. If you do this heavily, your IP could get temporarily banned by
Google. In worse cases, you could affect other people who are assigned to
your ISP.

>> 2) The Google info says "personal,non-commercial" use only unless you
>> get permission.  What SEO software does that? I want to use SEO
>> software that uses the Google API - how do I get permission?  Does
>> Google really respond to each request?
> They have an email address for the API, so I suggest to try that one.

I bet that many people use it for commercial purposes. Google cannot truly
check, but they do their best at reducing the load on their server and the
extent of SERP subversion.

>> 3) IBP says that the Google API returns results that are different than
>> regular queries.  Is that true?  How and/or why are they different?
> Yes, true, different data center. I guess they even have an API specific
> dc.

I would not be surprised if it was slower, as well.

>> 4) Just what's the deal with the Google API and legitimate SEO software
>> anyway?? Thanks!

Reducing loads. Serve searchers first, only *then* automated querying
software. I wonder if Apache has a similar mechanism for querying requests
from bot when actual people request pages. Could be handy...

Best wishes,


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