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Re: [News] Differences Between Red Hat Enterprise and Fedora Explained

William Poaster wrote:

> On Tue, 23 May 2006 14:55:07 +0000, M wrote:
> [NOTE: www.jlaforums.com steals usenet newsgroup posts, & misleads the
> [public
> into thinking the posts come from their own forums. THEY DON'T!
> This post was originally posted in a USENET newsgroup.
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>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Fedora users might find this new article intersting...
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | Part 1: Primary objectives
>>> | The first step in understanding the differences is to recognize that
>>> | while they share many goals, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora also
>>> | have a number of different objectives, as well as different audiences.
>>> | There is no one-size-fits-all distribution. We focus on combining
>>> | forces where we can and optimize accordingly when priorities differ.
>>> `----
>>> http://www.redhat.com/magazine/019may06/features/fedora_rhel_1/
>> <quote>
>> Fedora's target audience includes developers, testers, writers and early
>> adopters.
>> </quote>
>> <quote>
>> Rapid innovation vs. stability. Fedora is fast moving. It is for people
>> who always want the latest and greatest. The Fedora stream is more
>> revolutionary: Old versions of packages may be quickly cast aside for new
>> ones. Fedora is highly receptive to experimentation. </quote>
>> Some conformation of what a lot of people suspected. especially the fast
>> moving & early adopters bit. :-)
> As I've said on a few occasions & also in other groups, Fedora is
> generally regarded as a development distro.

Yes indeed, and so have others I have talked to. :-)

However they never seem to make this very clear on their old web site, but
it appears they have decided to revamp it:


As a complete Linux distribution, Fedora is packed with incredible features.
As a distribution with a rapid release cycle on the front edge of
innovation, Fedora contains many new and interesting technologies that are
often not found in other distributions. Here, we document just a portion of
the key features that make Fedora stand out above the rest.

I think it looks a great deal better from I remember it looking like. They
even seem to have Mentors.



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