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__/ [ ml2mst ] on Monday 22 May 2006 16:15 \__

> Yoho,

Hey Marti,

> I am reading this group for a couple of months now and i think it's quit
> entertaining. I love the links to articles concerning the Bald, chair
> trowing, dancing monkey boy and the nonsense his troll army is writing
> down here on a regular base.
> Honestly, since Microsoft's "Get the facts" campaign, i don't feel any
> longer offended by their FUD talk, as a matter of fact i am quit amused
> by it, because it proves they have to rely on lies and miss-research,
> simply because they are scared to death.
> But let's get to the point; i know it's a stupid question, but can
> somebody please explain me what this COLA thing is all about. I read
> COLA subjects on a regular base in this group, but i still don't have a
> clue, what it's all about.

Google will not be a good reference to go by, but according to:


COLA Description: Benefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.

> After a websearch and google groups search the only thing i found, was
> someone complaining at a moderator :/
> So my question is: what on earth is COLA?

The first letter of each level of the tree -- that on which it resides in the
UseNet hierarchy.

> ... And will it be supported in the next 2.6.xx Kernel release? ... LOL

Well, there's that famous Colas modeline generator, but it isn't incorporated
into the kernel, yet...


> Regards and sorry for my Lame English,

Your English is fine.

Best wishes,


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