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Re: Problem with frameset in index.htm

__/ [ dorayme ] on Monday 22 May 2006 08:53 \__

> In article <1278801.gAGPt4HCu2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>  Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >> http://www.html-faq.com/htmlframes/?framesareevil
>> >> 
>> >> Giving you any advice on any particulars (going along with your
>> >> questions, that is) will only encourage bad habits and cripple you in
>> >> the future.
>> > 
>> > Sounds a bit dramatic. Have you no respect for preserving a
>> > species? (I know... in this church... it's the html/css soul of
>> > folk that need saving...)
>> I have fallen into the infamous '3-frame trap' when I built 2-3 of my
>> earliest Web sites. Bad in all respects, SEO included. Too hard to change
>> because of the amount of work which is involved. I utter owing to personal
>> pains.
> Yes, fair enough...  my experience was a bit different: I had one
> fair sized commercial site in frames, just 2 frames, left for nav
> and right for content. It developed into quite a palava with a
> whole folder of framesets to cope. Eventually, I completely
> rewrote it without frames [in spite of Mark Parnell fierce
> protestations.. :-)]. It was an opportunity for redesigning the
> whole thing but I can't honestly say that I work any less hard
> trying to update it these days... But yes, there are other
> advantages and I am glad to be rid of them. But they are quite
> fun! I made a site once to see if I could crash my machine... I
> made idiotic sites that had to be in frames to be that idiotic. I
> have fond memories...

It takes some very buggy Web browser and/or kernel to enable pages to have
such a catastrophic effect, Imagine yourself a site whose address is
reboot.com, which does precisely what it says on the tin (address bar). At
the moment (*glances over to ensure you use a Mac*), there are Web sites
that can be aptly address install-some-stuff-that-will-screw-my-os.com.
These will be worse than a reboot because they don't go away. All you need
to do is use search engines or follow 'untrusted' links...

Best wishes,


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