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Re: Problem with frameset in index.htm

__/ [ dorayme ] on Monday 22 May 2006 00:20 \__

> In article <1316765.DfXG18MQRi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>  Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > I have created an frameset in my index.htm I have 3 frames (top, main
>> > and bottom)
>> > In the main frame there's a link to the next page.
>> > On the next page i would like to change my main in 2 frames resp. left
>> > main and right main.
>> > What is the right way to do this? Go to a new index (index2) of.....
>> > 
>> > Thanx
>> > 
>> > Cookie
>> Redesign the site before it's too late. You are playing with fire.
>> http://www.html-faq.com/htmlframes/?framesareevil
>> Giving you any advice on any particulars (going along with your questions,
>> that is) will only encourage bad habits and cripple you in the future.
> Sounds a bit dramatic. Have you no respect for preserving a
> species? (I know... in this church... it's the html/css soul of
> folk that need saving...)

I have fallen into the infamous '3-frame trap' when I built 2-3 of my
earliest Web sites. Bad in all respects, SEO included. Too hard to change
because of the amount of work which is involved. I utter owing to personal

> To the OP:  I take it that you have 3 frames on the index page
> and you want to link to a page that has 2 frames. So link to it
> by making it like your index page (except that it will have a
> frameset with 2 frames and be called something else, like
> "pageTwo.html". (With, so to speak, "the" same 2 of the 3 frames
> named in the index page frameset. They will have the same
> horizontal dimensions etc as the two on the index page).

To avoid a frame trap (a cyclic frame-within-frame-within frame...), make
sure you use target=_top in your links. This can be illusive.

> Post a url if you want further.
> And in your travels, read up on how to minimise the evil that is
> inherent in frames. I don't think anyone has written anything on
> how to maximize it... mmm... there's a research project...

Frame me unimpressed. *smile*

Best wishes,


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