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Re: Windows Vista Will Lose to Linux

__/ [ asj ] on Sunday 28 May 2006 18:57 \__

> Interesting, but the winner in this would most likely be apple. Why?
> Because (1)  linux is honestly more oriented towards IT people than the
> consumer market: (2) There is absolutely no marketing for linux in the
> commercial space;(3) there are not enough apps for consumers in linux

I impulsively beg to differ.

In reference to: (1) when was the last time you used Linux?
                 (2) is that /so/? Where are all the mil/billions from the large
                     benefactors go to? Besides, are consultants not marketeers?
                     And what about word of mouth?
                 (3) Pa-lease. Even if it were true, the user who is highly
                     dependent on, let us say, Photoshop, could use CrossOver 
                     Office. Boot Camp on OS X likewise. The platform gaps
                     are being narrowed owing to virtualisation, so even
                     multi-botting is made unnecessary.

> Linux might possibly get away with this in the mobile consumer space
> because of the predominance of Java ME. which negates the advantages of
> commercial OS, but until Java SE becomes dominant in desktop and
> negates windows, consumers will shun linux because there is no viable
> ecosystem of commercial  apps available.

You overlook many advantages to using Linux. Remote control, stability, and
good interoperability (not loose Samba) is something you mustn't take for

> *Posted while STILL at liz claiborne's. It's a pretty nice day outside
> though while I surf the web on Opera Mini Java browser on my Nokia 9300.

Opera Mini browser? Nokia 9300?? You never mentioned it before...

Best wishes,


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