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Re: [News] Dana Gardner: Linux Has Won

7 wrote:

> Ian Hilliard wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Linux has won -- long live the rest of the indemnified stack
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | Welcome to the "Linux Everywhere" world. Microsoft now loves Linux,
>>> | even if Steve Ballmer wouldn't don a penguin suit.
>>> | 
>>> | Yes, Linux, I think we can safely say, has won. Oracle wants to get it
>>> | to you cheap. Microsoft wants to let you choose how to deploy your
>>> | applications -- on Linux or Windows instances, perhaps on the same
>>> | machine or blade rack. Intel, AMD, Dell, HP, IBM, Sun -- they all
>>> | just love Linux.
>>> `----
>>> http://blogs.zdnet.com/Gardner/index.php?p=2370
>> It is a little too early to make that claim. It will be possible to make
>> that claim when "No one ever got fired for using Linux" is the standard
>> catch cry.
> No one gets fired for using GNU/Linux.
> Plenty of companies and individuals go down or gets
> brought down by viri etc for sticking with windopz.

Actually, the expression should be, "No one ever got fired for choosing
Linux." Anyway, I chose Linux for a particular task on the project on which
I am currently working. The choice was on purely technical grounds, yet the
story goes around that I'm some sort of crazy and management keep asking me
to rejustify the decision and why I just can't solve that problem for

When such stupidities no longer happen, then we can say that Linux has won.
Unfortunately there are too many middle managers who truly believe that an
OS that is usable for word processing can be used for anything. Of course,
Microsoft sales people running around, making the same claim, could have
something to do with it.


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