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Re: Roy Schestowitz: "This is a Linux newsgroup."

[H]omer wrote:
> chrisv wrote:
>  > Larry Qualig checked our message ID's, then wrote:
>  >> Geico Caveman wrote:
>  >>> But I agree, Roy would do well, to reduce the amount of Microsoft
>  >>> specific posts, choosing only those Microsoft posts that contrast
>  >>> the benefits of Linux and open source exclusively, point by point.
>  >> What????  You don't see the obvious connection between Bill Gates
>  >> salary and Linux? The connection between where Steve Ballmer goes
>  >> on vacation and Linux? The connection between the brand of car
>  >> Gates drives and Linux? The connection between Nasdaq trading
>  >> volume for MSFT and Linux?
>  > Idiot.  There is certainly a "connection" between the M$ operating
>  > systems and Linux.
> Yes, there certainly is:
> .----
> | 1.4 The Charter of comp.os.linux.advocacy
> |
> |    The charter of comp.os.linux.advocacy is:
> |
> |      For discussion of the benefits of Linux compared to other
> |      operating systems.
> `----
> Perhaps Dumbo would like to explain how one can make a comparison with
> "other operating systems" without *discussing* those other operating
> systems....

That's the problem Homer... there are no comparisons. There's all these
posts about Gates salary... but unless it's being "compared" to
something it's just noise. Why not compare his salary to what the CEO
of Redhat or Novell makes? That would at least make sense.

Then there's the other thread about where Steve Ballmer went on
vacation. Oh yeah... that's really crucial to "Linux Advocacy" - what
exactly was being compared there????

The fact is that many of these "advocacy posts" here are nothing but
whining and complaining. There is no comparison at all. Of course there
was the plethora of posts about how 'MS must be crumbling' because
their stock price is down 54% since 2000. But this is NOT a comparison
to anything because if you were to compare the price of MSFT to NOVL or
RHAT you would see that those companies stock price is down about 90%
since 2000.

So if the charter is to "compare" then maybe you should pull your head
out of your ass and actual "compare" something. I would have thought
that Linux would be good enough to stand on its own merits. Obviously
you and some of the other "advocates" don't think so because you rarely
have anything positive to say about Linux. Just constant whining about
Microsofts stock price or where Ballmer goes on vacation.

I'm all for comparing OS's, features, stock price or whatever. But
let's actually *compare* something instead of whining and complaining
like a bunch of little girls.

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