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Re: novell exams ?

__/ [ 002ram@xxxxxxxxx ] on Tuesday 10 October 2006 13:41 \__

>  how good are hotcerts.com preps for novell exams ? .
>                        please do let me know.


I am aware that advice along the lines of if you can't do this in X (or I
don't know how to) then use Y is frowned upon (people's take criticismof
their choices personally), but how about the following?


"As a starter, and for networking professionals who will just be running
NetWare services on OES, Novell recommends taking OES integrator courses,
says Steven King..."

Novell has many partners who offer Novell training and certifications. A
friend from the local LUG recently obtained such a certification, which is
taken very seriously in the IT industry. These courses should not be
difficult to find. Also see:

Novell Honors Top Global Training Partners

Company names 25 Linux Centers of Excellence worldwide for quality of Linux
training and superior customer satisfaction

,----[ Quote ]
| Reflecting the importance of training in promoting Linux adoption
| worldwide, Novell is honoring its top Linux training partners for
| their success in driving Linux education, designating them Linux Centers
| of Excellence. These partners, which include companies across Novell's
| major geographic markets, delivered rapid growth in students trained,
| top ratings for the quality of their Linux instructors, and high marks
| for customer satisfaction. Customers seeking hands-on Linux training in
| their local markets can turn to these partners with confidence that they
| will receive enterprise-quality Linux education.


If you seek feedback about a specific training course/site, then you might be
lucky. Someone in the forum has had experience, but it's probably not the
best place to ask (failing this one, try comp.os.linux.misc, alt.linux,
alt.os.linux or comp.os.linux). Other than that, why not search the Web, as
well as forums (and particularly sites that involve ranking/rating and

Hope it helps,


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