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[News] Founder of MP3.com and the Inquirer Warn About DRM

You are about to become DRM roadkill 

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael Roberson points out a really important point about DRM in his
| latest blog entry: you are at the mercy of the content mafia. He also
| coins a term for this, getting zuned.
| [...]
| Apple last time I checked has infected 80% or so of the music market
| with their flavor or DRM, with the rest of the makers splitting the
| remaining 20%. Those on the short bus of consumer rights removal all
| depended on MS to back them in their dance with the content mafia,
| which MS did, more out of fear of Apple and Sony than anything else.
| [...]
| If you want to take the music you legitimately 'bought' from MS
| backed companies to play on an MS backed player, and play it on your
| new MS backed players, you are SOL. If you get a program to convert
| your legitimately purchased MS backed music from one player to another,
| both MS backed too, you are a criminal.
| Welcome to the new order. You have no rights, by design, DRM infections
| lock you down, and the people who are more than happy to take your
| rights and money don't give a sh*t. If you think this is bad, read
| the fine print on the EULA. If you think that is bad, go read up
| on the CableCard infection, they learned from the 'mistakes' of the
| music mafia. Be afraid.


DRM absorption could be the ultimate 'sheep culture' test.

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