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A Message from an Anonymous Observer

From: Anonymous (posted with permission)

"The fact that the trolls are replying to any messages implies it is
damaging.  I saw how Hadron Quark replied arrogantly to Rex Ballard,
regarding Microsoft shutting down Byte Magazine by cancelling their ads,
when subject matter were not according to MS's tastes.

What Rex said made sense, and he has keen insight into the industry.  They
don't like that, because as I suspected earlier, there are Microsoft and
related industry paid shills.  The industry is saturated with greed,
anything that detracts from stock market standings is considered an enemy.

When Bill Gates wanted to dominate the world, he did just that.  The
political shennanigans are not imaginary, they are real.  It is no mistake
of some of these poster's intentions.

Regarding Larry Qualig, although he was an MS employee in the past, still
maintains standing with them.  What he says is no mistake.  It would not
surprise me that he still owns stock in the company.  He still may be on MS
payroll as a paid consultant.

Anyway, this is my take on the situation.  I gather that others have similar
views.  One thing that will topple MS is although there has been a worldwide
FUD campaign that has delayed Linux deployment for the past 10 years, can no
longer hold it back.  We see as Governments and private institutions
implement Linux, news is getting out.  Progression is not linear, it is

Microsoft missed its window of opportunity for its next release of its
operating system.  Corporate, Educational and private concerns are finding
experiential knowledge of Linux and how they have been lied to.  IT staffs
are slowly revealing that for years against the corporate culture, they have
saved money by quiet deployments of Linux as firewalls, web servers, data
base management servers, etc.

Microsoft's credibility and ethics reputation are in the toilet.

Word is getting out.  With China, Russia, India, Africa, Korea, Southeast
Asia, etc. deploying Linux spells big cash for software developers to
develop proprietary applications for the business and professional world
because of this new potential market.

It is a quiet revolution.  I think we will see the house of cards starting
to topple."

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