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Re: [News] C|Net's Executive Editor Reveals the Truth About Windows' Demise

On 2006-10-07, Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:

> "Nowadays, it's the European Union's Neelie Kroes, who figures as
> Microsoft's chief nemesis. She's warned Microsoft not to design Vista in
> ways that would screw the competition. The EU has already stuck Microsoft
> with more than $600 million in fines. Kroes imposed an additional $350
> million because she said Microsoft subsequently refused to change its
> business practices. 
> All because of an operating system that so many have deemed to be
> yesterday's news."
> The point, which you seem to have completely missed, is that if Windows was
> really as "yesterday" as so many people want to claim, then why all the
> fuss?  Shouldn't it just sort itself out if the end users don't care about
> it anymore?

Just because it's old news doesn't mean everybody recognizes it. Some
at MS don't think so. Most users of it don't think so. That doesn't
mean it's still viable. It just means that if it's not viable, not
everybody has recognized it yet.

Part of what makes it a dying entity is the legal pressure MS finds
itself confronted with in many places throughout the world. The
pressure is growing, not diminishing.

The temperature of the body always falls /after/ it's dead, not before.

> The obvious answer, is that end users clearly still care a great deal,
> unlike what the few elitists would have you believe.  But that's obviously
> too subtle for you to understand.

"Obvious" if you don't consider other possibilities. That's easy to do
if you want to view things through the wrong end of a telescope. Doing
so tends to make the object being viewed appear smaller than it really
is. In this case the facts appear to be minute to you because you're
looking in the wrong end.

Some people make a big fuss about Nixon. He's dead. So's LBJ, and some
still hold a special hatred/love for him. My parents *still* detest
Harry Truman.

It takes time to get over some things. It takes time for some to
recognize the end of someting is already here, not 'near'.

Windows: When you haven't been abused enough by the IRS.

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