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Re: [News] C|Net's Executive Editor Reveals the Truth About Windows' Demise

__/ [ Mark Kent ] on Sunday 08 October 2006 08:18 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Sinister Midget <phydeaux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> On 2006-10-07, Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted
>> something concerning:
>>> "Nowadays, it's the European Union's Neelie Kroes, who figures as
>>> Microsoft's chief nemesis. She's warned Microsoft not to design Vista in
>>> ways that would screw the competition. The EU has already stuck Microsoft
>>> with more than $600 million in fines. Kroes imposed an additional $350
>>> million because she said Microsoft subsequently refused to change its
>>> business practices.
>>> All because of an operating system that so many have deemed to be
>>> yesterday's news."
>>> The point, which you seem to have completely missed, is that if Windows
>>> was really as "yesterday" as so many people want to claim, then why all
>>> the
>>> fuss?  Shouldn't it just sort itself out if the end users don't care
>>> about it anymore?
>> Just because it's old news doesn't mean everybody recognizes it. Some
>> at MS don't think so. Most users of it don't think so. That doesn't
>> mean it's still viable. It just means that if it's not viable, not
>> everybody has recognized it yet.
>> Part of what makes it a dying entity is the legal pressure MS finds
>> itself confronted with in many places throughout the world. The
>> pressure is growing, not diminishing.
> The anti-trust issue is a crime which has /already been committed/,
> though.  Just because MS may be becoming irrelevant doesn't undue crime,
> nor the need for appropriate punishment for that crime.

What could the punishment possibly be? Jailing those responsible (or
scapegoat) would not cripple the operations. Neither would monetary fines...

> Erik's just doing his usual...

Who's Erik?

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