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Re: [News] Mandriva Buys Company

Roy Schestowitz :
> __/ [ Handover Phist ] on Friday 06 October 2006 23:46 \__
>> flatfish+++ :
>>> So who do you figure is paying Roy?
>>> Aside from hits on his run for profit website that is.
>> I dont care. Earning pay ISN'T illegal. If someone is paying someone
>> else to perform a function that doesn't break the law, the rest is noone
>> elses business really.
>> If you want to debate the ethics of posting advocacy to the net for
>> money, others have been doing it for years, including Microsoft, IBM,
>> Novell, RedHat, and many others including myself.
>> Although I've never earned anything from posting to Usenet. In this
>> respect, Roy has outclassed me. He's getting paid[0] to do something which
>> to me seems to be a waste of time!
>> 0: I'm not saying he's actually getting paid for anything. I dont know
>> and frankly I dont care. Unless I can get in on it :).
> I am not getting paid. I do it out of passion as long as it's enjoyable and
> welcomed. There's more to life than money. And if you enjoy what you do, you
> don't need expensive toys. But we shall see if minimal wages from the

Yeah, but expensive toys are still fun!

> University can sustain someone once s/he gets married... I happened to have
> a long discussion about it with my Supervisor. That was last night, just
> before I went out to the gym, the bar, and the night club.

Married eh? I've been married seven years now and out there in the "real
world" (I've heard that phrase bandied about a bit lately) thare's
always work that needs to be done a a couple of bucks to be made. If
you're technically savvy, some of those jobs pay pretty damned well.

> Why is it that people assume I'm imprisoned? And why is it that some rodents
> spend their entire adult life gradually becoming the centre of hate in an
> online forum, insulting other passionately and fantasising they'll get into
> Gates' safe/bed by tapping on his shoulder before they hop onto UseNet? If
> it's not yet another paid-for Shill for Bill project, it is /them/ who have
> psychological issues. It is them who thrive in being hated (notoriety) and
> ridiculing others. And, you know, the bully phenomenon is, if anything,
> indicative of the inferiority comlex. So it's us who get the last laugh.

Plonk the trolls and anyone else who pisses you off. The killfile is an
extension of free speech. Say whatever you want, I'm free not to listen

-rw-r--r-- 1 jason users 58K 2006-10-03 16:35 .news/score

58K is a sizeable amount of killed messages.


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