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Re: The cost of NOT using Linux

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz
on Thu, 05 Oct 2006 17:58:58 +0100
> __/ [ B Gruff ] on Thursday 05 October 2006 16:41 \__
>> An estimate of the cost of updating corporate machines from the previous
>> version of an OS from a well-known vendor to that same vendor's anticipated
>> new release:-
>> http://smallbusiness.itworld.com/4383/nls_networking061005/page_1.html
> *LOL* @ "Vista Budget Vacuum"
> Now, that's a classic phrase. A colleague of mine who is originally from
> China talked about the cost of software just half an hour ago. We spoke for
> a long while and I sent him some links as evidence of the rapid migration to
> Linux in China. I also showed him some XGL demo and he was flabbergasted.
> Surely enough he will soon step on the Linux turf. What's most amazing to me
> is that a guy at his level knew nothing about Linux. He was also shocked
> when I told him about the advertising budget of Vista, AKA the "Budget
> Vacuum".
> Sorry I drifted off topic. In any event, the article makes a strong point.
> Businesses must make the right choices as soon as possible.

I'd say "practical", and in any event it probably depends
on the period in the 3-year depreciation life cycle of the
hardware in question and whether it is able to run Vista
unmodified -- assuming the corporation in question even
wants to run Vista, and has done its homework.

Ideally a corporation would make a decision when it is
economically advantageous for them to do so, and they
can in fact determine such at the time of the decision.


> Disruptive
> techology is _not going away. /Au contraire/. It spreads like fire, more
> quickly than an army of firemen (shills) can extinguish it.

A fire requires fuel, air, and heat.  I don't know what the
inputs are for a "disruptive technology", but presumably it
requires energy (or, if one prefers, elan, will, effort,
or desire), expertise, and compatibility with existing
hardware, constructs, or some such.  Vista will be rather
disruptive to some; Linux has already proven disruptive to
a certain company in Redmond. :-)

In any event, COLA is a little niche in a nook in a side
eddy of the human mindset. :-)  But it's comfortable, at
least to me.  Perhaps the astroturfers think it's a big
deal to post nonsense here about either Linux or Windows,
but I doubt most businessmen would even notice.

Then again, one never knows.

#191, ewill3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Windows.  Multi-platform(1), multi-tasking(1), multi-user(1).
(1) if one defines "multi" as "exactly one".

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