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Re: Apple got it right, Microsoft got it wrong

  • Subject: Re: Apple got it right, Microsoft got it wrong
  • From: Ian Hilliard <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 19:07:08 +0200
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: hispeed.ch
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billwg wrote:

> Ian Hilliard wrote:
>> billwg wrote:
>> > Another rim shot, ian, that shows a lack of timing!  Hundreds of
>> > millions of happy people web surf with Windows every day and well into
>> > the night.  You can snivel and SAY that Windows is not up to the task,
>> > but even the rebels who are said to be using Firefox are using it on
>> > Windows for the most part.
>> >
>> ...and millions are getting b0rk3d every day. Their machines are being
>> taken over by some criminal so that it can be used for extortion or spam
>> distribution. These people have been conned into believing that it is
>> simply part and parcel of computing in the modern age.
> Do you really believe that?  I think you are mistaken.  You read these
> stories that are unsubstantiated by anyone else and you want to believe
> because that makes your forlorn quest more noble, but they seem to be
> urban legends.  A good test, IMO, is to read the loca paper to see what
> people are complaining about.  Every newspaper has some kind of tell it
> to the fixer column where people send their stories and complaints and
> pleas for justice.  If they were being frequently abused by such
> practices, surely some mention would be made from time to time, but
> there is nothing but silence on these issues.

The newspapers tell stories of how other people are getting B0rk3d so that
people believe that it is normal for operating systems to be like that. The
word about Linux is spreading slowly by word of mouth and for those people
that have moved life is much better. What is missing is for the main stream
press to tell the truth that all these problems that people are having are
ONLY associated with Windows. There are alternatives, the mainstream press
needs to so that the Internet can be cleaned up.

> How does spam work on someone's home computer anyway?  It isn't a mail
> server, so it cannot do much to spread the spam.  Spam must come from
> some mail server or other and the well managed ones are not likely to
> be the source.  Rather the amateur chippers would be the most likely
> and they pretty much favor linux due to the low price.

This shows how little you know. Upon infection, the spammers get the now
0wn3d PC to download a lightweight SMTP handler. This is how the machines
get turned into spam bots.

Most people don't know about alternatives because their PC didn't come with
them and the mainstream press doesn't provide any information about the
real alternatives to the constant problems with Windows.

>> Those people using Firefox are somewhat better off. It is a terrible pity
>> that it is not the majority. The majority of people don't understand
>> computers and don't want to understand computers. They believe that
>> Windows must be good because it is so widely distributed. What the
>> majority forgets is that the Smallpox and the Bubonic Plague were also
>> once widely distributed. Being widely distributed doesn't necessarily
>> mean good.
> You can try to demonize Windows all you want, ian, but you only look
> like a fanatic crying "Wolf!" over and again and will surely be ignored.

I don't demonize Microsoft. They do that to themselves. I simply tell the
truth, because it is the right thing to do. 

I realize that you probably have an alterer motive for keeping the status
quo. But, just because you are making money out of the current shambles
that the computer industry has become, doesn't make it right that is should
stay like that.


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