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Re: [News] 10 Advantages of Linux

__/ [ spike1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Thursday 05 October 2006 14:38 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> did eloquently scribble:
>> 10 Reasons to Switch to Linux
>> ,----[ Gist: ]
>> | 1. It Doesn't Crash
> 1/10th as much as windows does.
> (it can still go down in extreme situations, rare as they may be)

You may find that if you ever require a reboot, it's not the result of what's
described as a crash. Hardware issues aside, it's very improbable that Linux
will start to panic once it has booted/started. Reboots are for memory leaks
and iffy software glitches that can only be fixed in obscure ways (without a
reboot that is an 'easy fix'). Again, roboots are /NOT/ a crash. They are
expected, so the user is prepared. They are active rather than passive. It
makes all the difference in the world because loss of work never equates to
a couple of idle minutes (or a nice cuppa).

>> | 2. Viruses Are Few and Far Between
> Currently none in the wild.
>> | 3. Virtually Hardware-Independent
> VERY hardware dependent, it's just very capable of running on *almost* any
> hardware you throw it at.
> What's a kernel if not the thing that handles all the hardware? I'd say
> that's hardware dependent.
>> | 4. Freedom of Choice
>> | 5. Standards
>> | 6. Applications, Applications, Applications
>> | 7. Interoperability
>> | 8. It's a Community Relationship, Not a Customer Relationship
>> | 9. It's Not How Big Your Processor Is...
>> | 10. Linux Is Configurable
> The rest go without saying.

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