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Re: [News] Microsoft to Cash in on Own Failures, Betray Vital Friends

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Thank you Microsoft for showing your True colours!!

,----[ Quote ]
| McAfee has been of late on a crusade to demonise the open source
| community. Accusing the open source culture of fueling viruses! They hoped
| to get a pat on the back from Bill, but lo and behold, the Microsoft
| Chief was getting ready to spank these naive amateurs. The next version
| of Vista will lock the kernel, making it unavailable to anti-virus
| companies. Symantec and McAfee are out of Vista! Maybe, this is the start
| of their demise! Why on earth did they model their business around
| one monopoly? They have learnt the hard way and I hope a lot people
| are going to learn as well.
| Microsoft may be eyeing the Anti-virus market. Indeed, this is a
| very lucrative business, given that everyone running MS code is insecure, | nomatter how much they "lock" their kernel! `----


Microsoft: Feed the crocodile and it will soon feed on you...

This is most amusing. Give a person enough rope and they will soon hang themselves. MicroSoft, which can't write clean code or a stable, effective operating system is targeting the Anti-virus market.

Personally I hope that MS does lock out the Anti-virus software vendors and then tries to handle their own problems. This would be most amusing. I would give the company 18 months to live if they did.

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