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[News] Review of SageTV for Linux; Free Open Source Beats It

SageTV's Linux edition lacks first-class polish

,----[ Quote ]
| I am impressed with the functionality that SageTV 5 for Linux, OEM
| Edition, brings to media center PCs, but for two big reasons, I hope
| the company will devote additional resources to developing the Linux
| version into an equal to the Windows offering... SageTV's open source
| competition is already breathing down its neck; without adequate support
| from the company, the product could have a hard time differentiating
| itself and thriving.




,----[ Quote ]
| Today we are looking at a moderately priced Home Theater PC that has
| everything pre-configured to hopefully begin a smooth Linux media
| experience. LIX Systems' mission is to provide customers with easy to
| setup, ready-to-run, Linux PC solutions while also maintaining support
| for Windows users. LIX Systems' sister site is Linux Tech Toys. The
| HTPC we have in our labs today is the LX8100-AM2BB-M2NPV. This systemu
| ses AMD's Socket AM2, ships in an exclusive Lx8100 enclosure, and comes
| with a Philips TV tuner and radio capture card.


Monolith Media Center brings MythTV to the technophobe

,----[ Quote ]
| If MythTV's promise of a free Windows Media Center alternative sounds
| exciting, but you can't quite bring yourself to navigate the trials of
| a Linux install on your own, then you might be interested in
| Monolith's pre-built Media Center PCs, which come with MythTV
| pre-installed on top of Ubuntu Linux.


Indirectly related (reverse use) -- KioskCD: An Alternative to WebTV

,----[ Quote ]
| Here at OSWeekly.com, we're huge fans of the bootable Linux
| distributions. Therefore, when the quest of locating an easy to
| duplicate solution for PC beginners first came up, we figured early
| on that Linux would provide the solution based on the immense innovation
| that has taken place lately. Sure enough, the mini-distribution, known
| simply as KioskCD, appeared to meet our needs flawlessly. Small, free of
| any unneeded software and of course, totally customizable.


Your TV Guide under Linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| MTVG and XMLTV represent the perfect solution to get an updated TV
| schedule under Linux. It's fast, it's easy to configure and thanks to
| MTVG it's easy to browse and to use. You get notified for things you
| don't want to miss, the listings get updated automatically and, thanks
| to the way KDE sessions work, you can just take advantage of the MTVG
| system tray icon, have the application always run in the background
| and never think of it until you need it. 


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